First Readers’ Comments

This is the official blog of Inspiring Words for Ambitious Hearts (The Chapbook Version).


This is a collection of poems with something for everyone. With flowing, imagery-laden verse. Morakinyo successfully inspires in a simple but definitely not simplistic style that captivates.

Eriata Oriibhabor

Chairman, ANA Abuja


Words emerging and converging
Like a million worms feasting on the dead
Words sharp, rock-solid and simple
Like a poisoned arrow piercing my heart
Words sweet edible as honey,
The Adam apple for the curious hearts…

Morakinyo’s poetry is the mythic Hydra
Each line a pregnant promise,
In every word a dream is born.

Nifemi Oguntoye Ayomide

On-Air Personality, Independent Television & Radio


Inspirational Words for Ambitious Hearts is a must read for anyone who wants to achieve greater. Ayo’s poems are rich, thought provoking and prompt you to action. This book is definitely a keeper.

Richard  Osibanjo

Author of Turning Points: Action Today Change Tomorrow

Co-Instructor, UC Davis Center for Leadership Learning

University of California, Davis


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