Inspiring Words for Ambitious Hearts is a chapbook written by Ayo Morakinyo during his university days. Many of the peotic lines were inspired by the tough experiences that the author observed as a commonality among the youth studying in both Nigerian secondary schools and universities, especially the public ones.

Having had serial non-violent encounters with dishonest student politicians, impossible lecturers, party-inclined club chiefs and unmentioned cultists as an erstwhile Nigerian undergrad, Ayo spared time to study the essence of human behaviour and attempted to literarily interpret his observations. Along with the review of the difficulties encountered by many students of the public educational institutions in Nigeria, Ayo proposed some bits of advice to those preparing for university life and all who consider themselves bona fide undergrads.

The chapbook is a must-read for everyone who sees the positive side of the extra-curricular training offered by public education in Nigeria. Again, the words come like a pair of great binoculars for all who would like to see through the eyes of a young Nigerian student that once went through temptations, saw tough times and by God’s grace, conquered them all.

As Ayo would say, education is two-sided coin; getting into university is one side, pulling through as you desire is another. While in transit, between standing for something and stooping for all things, each student would have to make a choice.


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